Our Church Officers

President of the Congregation - Gene Cummins
Vice President - Wilbert Meyer
Council Secretary - Susan Templemire
Treasurer - Kim Toellner
Board of Property - Billy Mac Wells
Chair of Elders - Jason Linneman
Board of Evangelism - Terry Ehlers
Board of Stewardship - Tim Derendinger
Board of Education - Andrea Thacher
School Board Chair - Christian Stock
Board of Fellowship - Penny Cain

Church Boards

Board of Elders

Elders assist the Pastor in matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation. They are to be aware of the problems and needs of the families they represent, express their concern by special visits as needed, and keep the Pastor informed of specific problems requiring his attention.

Board of Evangelism

The Board of Evangelism works to promote and carry out evangelism and outreach programming in the congregation and in the community. They work to integrate new members into the fellowship and do the outreach work of the church.

Board of Fellowship

The Board of Fellowship plans, supervises, and implements fellowship events that are intended to further the goals of the congregation. They work to promote an atmosphere of friendliness among members and to bring members into meaningful personal relationships. This usually involves really good food!

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education exists to foster spiritual growth in the life of the individual Christian, works to strengthen the Christian home and help equip parents, children, and young people for Christian family living.

Board of Property

The Board of Property is in charge of the repair and maintenance of the Church’s property, procuring all supplies and equipment necessary for use and maintenance of the building, projects, safety, and security.

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship has responsibility for discovering the talents of the membership and enlisting them in the congregational program, sponsoring stewardship and mission events, and finding opportunities to expand and improve outreach.

School Board

Immanuel’s School Board oversees the Preschool and Kindergarten programs. The Board fosters spiritual growth in the life of the parents and children served by the schools. It assures the school’s programs strengthen the Christian home and help equip parents, children and young people for Christian family living.